I feel as if Alex has walked the path I’m on. He knows the pain and the possibilities and is getting to know my business and me. It’s humanised accounting. I wasn’t sure that was even possible.
— Ray Stewart, Impact Balloons
It was great to be able to discuss my business and its needs, with someone who understands the challenge of running a small business, someone who was able to give good advice that ultimately has helped me to run my business better.
— Sandra Mackay, DSM Services
I can’t believe how simple it is to manage my business, I am actually running my business with ease and can see everything at a glance when ever I need to. Now I enjoy it.
— Binnie Roberts, Asolare


Starting a business requires vision, enthusiasm, determination and a sh*t load of hard work.  Sales, purchasing, inventory, marketing, logistics, human resources, customer service, IT support and finance are some of the hats you wear each day. No wonder you are tired and stressed.

Does this ring a bell?


You are an intelligent, common sense kind of person, so UNDERSTANDABLY you should be able to figure out the accounting software you use. It ain't rocket science after all, right?

You are anxious, stressed, maybe a little embarrassed that your financial shit isn’t in order and you just keep putting it off, but not sure how to ask for help?


You are hustling, hustling, busier than ever, continually putting out fires, but not making any headway. Surely, I don't have  to double handle everything?


You have done a great job getting this far, but your business has stopped growing. You have plateaued. It's obvious to you, that "what has got you here may not get you to the next level." What's next?


You are a gun, who’s good at everything you do, a bootstrapping Do-it-Yourselfer, so why wouldn't you be doing everything yourself?

You are super busy (not just normal busy), with a growing to-do list, but you will get to the financial stuff later. It's not even due yet, is it?

You are in the dark about how your business is performing. What's working, what's not. You just need clear, simple reports to help you make better decisions. How hard can it be?

You are thinking there might be a better way to manage your spending decisions rather than by relying on your daily bank balance. You are sick of shuffling cash from one account to another. There has to be another way, an easier way, isn't there?

Your business is cranking, sales are up, everything looks sweet, BUT you aren't making any more money. Your accountant says you have made money but where has it all gone?


You are taking your Profit First. That can't be right, can it?


You are not paying yourself. What the hell?



You run a successful, multi-faceted E-commerce business. You're dealing with things that other business owner's just don't get. Sales, purchasing, inventory, marketing, logistics, human resources, customer service and IT support are some of the systems you need to keep your business on track.  We know how hard it is to grapple with integrations and interactions and double handling between these systems, never mind analysing and understanding the massive amounts of data these systems generate.   

We provide the complete package of E-commerce accounting and advisory services.  A service which includes all the accounting services, tools, and support you need. We have a proven system ( spoiler alert - Profit First) to manage your cashflow and increase profitability. We also have a step by step coaching program to get your business to the next level.


Amazon & Ebay Resellers


Running your Amazon or Ebay business is super-specialised, with it's unique workflow. You will benefit from our customised accounting solutions, which will make sure you stay on track, are up to date, compliant and profitable.

 Thinking Cloud provides a complete outsourced ecommerce accounting and advisory service for your Amazon or Ebay business.


Online Retailers


We understand that great systems and processes are the difference between breaking even or making a profit.  Online retailers face a unique set of challenges, tracking performance, managing inventory, merchant gateways, keeping on top of the day-to-day volume of transactions as well as trying to grow in a tough environment.

Thinking Cloud can support your online business with a combination of systems and processes suited to the online space, cashflow and profit coaching  and a step-by-step proven strategy to grow your business.



Get the Numbers Right

Are you tired of feeling stressed, anxious or slightly embarrassed about the state of your accounts. Wouldn’t it be great to feel calm, confident and in control. This comes when everything is in order and up to date. We can fix it.

Fix Your Cashflow and Pay Your Profit

You’re fairly sure there has to be a better way to managing your cash flow, rather than just looking at your bank balance each day or even worse, updating complicated spreadsheets. Do you get that sick stomach churning feeling every time you do a pay run, pay suppliers or lodge a BAS or tax return and think about where the money is going to come from?

The answer is Profit First. We will get you in control of your business.

Get a Rocket Under Your Business

Do you have a big vision for you business but not sure how to get there? Has your business plateaued, are you treading water but ready to take it to the next level?

We have the growth strategies to help you figure out what you really want from your business and get you there.

The service, the advice, everything about Thinking Cloud has been a pleasure.
— Ginnie Kalleske, The Tangerine Fox
I have been surprised at how quick and efficient the process is. I have used the services of Thinking Cloud for several years in my business and have recommended them to others who have also been very happy, it is a great service they offer. It makes budgeting and cash flow so much easier.
— Desa Fuller, Advance Nail & Beauty Academy
Running our business is now a lot easier! Highly recommended. Fast, efficient and friendly!
— Hazel Fisher, Pelican Marine & RV